Ms Ronel Carver Counselling Psychologist

Hello and welcome.


I would like to share with you a little bit about myself, my training and the core values that I hold dear to me as a practicing psychologist.


My name is Ronel Carver and I trained at Wits and UNISA. During my training as a counselling psychologist I studied many different forms of therapy (like psychodynamic, client-centred, cognitive-behavioural, solution-focused and systemic therapy). I also gained experience over a number of years working with children, pre-teens, adolescents, adults, couples and families. I have worked with trauma, anxiety, depression, substance use/abuse, parenting, childhood development, attachment, bullying, relationship issues, anger, abuse, infidelity, infertility, identity, adolescent issues, family conflict, divorce, work-related stress, time management, and many other life stressors and relationship problems. I also offer psychological assessments for children with scholastic, behavioural or emotional difficulties, as well as career assessments to high school children and adults wanting to decide on a path of study or career.


As part of my approach to working with clients, I am guided by five fundamental core values. These are congruency, integrity, human dignity, unconditional regard and mutual responsibility.


Congruency. This means that it is important for me to be emotionally present in the therapy, and to not come across as too distant. This allows me to truly free myself to feel compassion and empathy for each person that shares their personal story with me.


Integrity. This means that my approach to you and your personal circumstances is guided by core, universal values that are meaningful to me and are personally practiced. The way I approach each client is therefore well-grounded and of the highest professional and ethical quality possible.


Human dignity. I highly value the innate worth of every person and seek to ensure that every decision made about treatment speaks to that worth. Most importantly, your deepest wishes about your treatment process, personal goals and strengths are always taken into serious consideration. This means that I seek to uniquely design and manage the most suitable therapeutic approach for you, and that you are always part of that process.


Unconditional regard. No matter what is expressed in therapy, or what you have thought, done or experienced, this is never judged or used as an estimate of your worth. Everyone has the right to their own beliefs, feelings and opinions. I seek to provide a warm and safe space to share and reflect on sometimes wonderful, surprising, painful or confusing thoughts, actions and feelings.


Mutual responsibility. Each therapeutic encounter is unique in that it is co-created by both therapist and client(s). The outcome of therapy is not always predictable as we each bring unique insights, beliefs, motivations, goals, strengths and weaknesses to therapy. Therefore, we are both equally responsible for the outcome and experience of the therapeutic process.


I hope this gives you a better idea about me and my approach to therapy. You are welcome at any point in therapy to ask me any questions you may have about your treatment, the therapy process, and/or my experience and qualifications.

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MA Couns Psych (Wits), BPsych Equivalency (UNISA), BA Hons (UNISA), BA (Wits) HPCSA No: PS 0127930 / Practice No: 0584398